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See below how our coaching membership and Pride Amplified™️ Course Students have created healthy relationships from the inside out.

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Marriage Success Stories


    I’ve gained the confidence, tools, and language to support myself in relationships as well as navigate the various situations that come up. Most importantly, I learned to connect with myself and that is the best relationship to find and learn to nurture. I’m excited to make new connections that align with this next version of me! - Maya, USA

    "my career has taken off because of this"

    I'm really starting to trust myself within, and that has helped a lot opening up to others about who I am. Over these last 6 months, my career has also begun to take off. The biggest take away I had is letting go of what others think of me, creating boundaries, and standing up for myself. My work relationships have grown stronger and it's because I let go of asking for permission and started to confidently be who I am.
    -Jennifer, USA

    "this changed my life"

    "Working with Dani & Keely has changed my life. Being LGBTQ+ has so many unique struggles and it can be difficult to navigate all of the ups and downs, especially when people around you don't understand. I've learned so much about myself through working with them and being a part of this beautiful growth-minded community!" -Bryona, USA


    "Since working with Coming Out Happy, I’ve had wins such as wearing the clothes I’ve always wanted to wear, I have a new job I love and I’m finally moving into my own apartment soon! I’m more authentic every day. I let go of the limiting beliefs that I need to be anxious & that I need to hide myself to stay safe. I also let go of making sure other people are comfortable is more important than my own comfort and needs. I really love the tapping we learned throughout the program… I feel much more confident than I did walking in. Thank you!"  Dr. Nicole, USA

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    Read in-depth stories from queer adults like you who's lives are changed through the PRIDE Method™️.

    "I Was Stuck In Broken Relationships Before The PRIDE Method™️"

    Pride Method success stories

    Throughout this process, I feel more able to be honest with myself and people around me. I have let go of the limiting belief that I am “too much” and feel “too much”. I now know that I AM capable of taking care of myself and I am worthy of love. I love that Keely and Dani facilitate deepening our connection with our bodies and recentering in our core self through different modalities. I thank them both from my heart to theirs, I so appreciate the work that they do and see how their hearts are so in it.
    - Dr. Elise K., USA

    Pride Method success stories

    "After having a divorce many years ago and struggling with understanding myself, I finally feel like I'm coming out again in my mid 30s and re-discovering who I am. I’m seeing what boundaries I need to implement very clearly for the first time! I feel much more confident in how I look, expressing myself, taking time for myself andwhat it means to be LGBTQ+ at 36. It definitely can be hard to sit with the uncomfortable feelings that have been suppressed for many years but all of it is worth it and is helping me grow! I'm loving investing into myself. I'm really happy with Pride Amplified and love that I have this support in my life." -Natalie, UK

    "For a long time, I've told myself I'm not good enough and through the Pride Method, I learned to rewrite those stories." - Tayla