Meet Dani + Keely

Dani and Keely, the inspiring force behind the Coming Out Happy Podcast, breathe life into their personal brand with a united mission. Through their weekly podcast, content, products, event programming, and speaking engagements, they aim to empower individuals globally to step into and maintain their role as leaders in their life and relationships. Not only are they partners in business, but are partners in life and reside in San Diego, CA with their Dachshund, Max!

Keely (She/Her)

I'm Keely Antonio, a passionate advocate for sustainable wellness. As a sought-after speaker, somatic attachment therapist, and future of work consultant, I'm on a mission to transform organizations and individuals to create a more connected world. My expertise lies in delivering engaging and insightful speaking engagements sharing practical insights on sustainable wellness and mindful leadership for the future of work with our company, FeelSwell Experiences.

Dani (She/Her)

Dani Max is an influential figure in the realms of sustainable wellness and shifting cultures everywhere. She’s a 2x published author and a certified life coach. Dani specializes in empowering individuals to enhance their mindset, wellness, and relationships. Known for her authenticity and innovative programs, Dani is committed to making a meaningful difference in people's lives. With a dynamic approach, Dani and Keely have expanded their influence, collaborating with brands and organizations and delivering impactful messages on the intersection of well-being and redefining success.

Want Us To Speak At Your Organization? Crafting Direct Collaborations with Leadership Teams for Lasting Impact

Explore transformative wellness workshops with Feelswell Experiences, a venture curated by Dani and Keely from Coming Out Happy! Specializing in personalized programs for companies, Feelswell Experiences collaborates directly with leadership teams. Our workshops redefine how leaders impact company culture by offering key wellness and community-building strategies. Partner with us to create a workplace that thrives on well-being, connectivity, and lasting impact. Bring Feelswell Experiences to your company and elevate your team's potential!

Inclusive Business Commitment

Our Commitment To DEI

Diversity, equity and inclusion are at the heart of who we are. Our goal is to create environments and content that are comfortable and welcoming so everyone can show up safely as their most authentic self. As Coming Out Happy, we are committed to uplifting all voices and continuously creating a deep sense of belonging within our community.

We are two white women; we acknowledge our limitations of understanding, and we aspire to be the best allies that we can be for those in our community. Along with investing in BIPOC, Queer-owned, and women-run small businesses, we are on our own personal DEI journey. We are actively working to learn, unlearn, and show up unapologetically so that we can amplify the experiences of all members of our LGBTQ+ community and be truly anti-racist in our company. We invite our community to hold us accountable, share resources, and collectively celebrate each other.

Coming Out Happy reaches all parts of the world and we’re dedicated to reflecting that in everything we do. We strive to be accessible, relatable and empowering on a global scale.

We refuse to tolerate sexism, LGTBQ+ discrimination, ageism, racism or prejudice of any kind. 

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