Meet The Coming Out Happy Team

As Co-Founders of our Wellness Company, our expertise as a Coach & Somatic Therapist is to help LGBTQ+ adults create healthy relationships from the inside out. Our products, education & in-person events are all designed to help you create the life & relationships you're excited about.

Keely (She/Her) Founder & CEO

I'm a Somatic Attachment Therapist & Certified E.F.T. Practitioner, life coach and your biggest hype woman. My own experience with holistic healing or "mind-body healing has helped me overcome so many unhealthy patterns I thought I'd never break. I'm so passionate about showing others that just "talking" about your struggles or patterns isn't the complete approach and I'm here to help them form that mind-body connection too. My passion to bring out the best in others can show anyone anywhere that the impossible… isn’t so impossible anymore.

Dani (She/Her) Founder & CEO

I’m a certified IPEC Life Coach, 2x published author, and a highly passionate human being. 

I became a Coach in 2017 because I believe no one has to do this alone. As a recovering over-thinker, I help our students turn down their ‘head’ and turn up their ‘heart' so they can have a thriving relationship & happy life.

Expanding Beyond The Screen

At Coming Out Happy, we are excited to announce our new venture into creating social wellness events and retreats across the United States. In these transformative gatherings, we're committed to fostering a sense of belonging and connection, reminding people that they're never alone on their wellness journey. Our mission is to provide a supportive community where individuals can come together to learn, grow, and thrive. Join us in experiencing the power of togetherness and embark on a journey towards enhanced well-being and personal growth.

Inclusive Business Commitment

Our Commitment To DEI

Diversity, equity and inclusion are at the heart of who we are. Our goal is to create environments that are comfortable and welcoming so everyone can show up safely as their most authentic self. As Coming Out Happy, we are committed to uplifting all voices and continuously creating a deep sense of belonging within our community.

We are two white women; we acknowledge our limitations of understanding, and we aspire to be the best allies that we can be for those in our community. Along with investing in BIPOC, Queer-owned, and women-run small businesses, we are on our own personal DEI journey. We are actively working to learn, unlearn, and show up unapologetically so that we can amplify the experiences of all members of our LGBTQ+ community and be truly anti-racist in our company. We invite our community to hold us accountable, share resources, and collectively celebrate each other.

Coming Out Happy reaches all parts of the world and we’re dedicated to reflecting that in everything we do. We strive to be accessible, relatable and empowering on a global scale.

We refuse to tolerate sexism, LGTBQ+ discrimination, ageism, racism or prejudice of any kind. 

As Life Coaches, we’ve helped hundreds of clients live freely, love fully, and impact greatly. And we’re committed to helping even more.

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