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About Us

We're Dani + Keely! Dani (2x Author + Life Coach) and Keely (Somatic Therapist + Sustainable Well-Being Coach) come together as partners in business and life as we empower individuals to lead fulfilling lives and nurturing meaningful relationships. Through our podcast, we share insightful conversations, practical tips, and personal stories to inspire personal growth, deeper connections and long-term well-being. To learn more about us, click here.

Our Mission

On the Coming Out Happy Podcast, our mission is to create a community where everyone feels empowered to embrace their authentic selves, cultivate healthy relationships, and lead purposeful lives.

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Join us as we dive into the complexities of modern relationships and wellness, drawing from our experiences, coaching thousands of clients and personal journeys. As a Gen Z and Millennial duo, we're on a mission to shift the culture to a more connected and healthier place. We explore the profound impact of our well-being on our relationships, worldview, and collective health. Together, let's discover how we can all come together to create deeper, more fulfilling connections and a brighter future.

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Start your journey to personal wellness and deeper connections with Coming Out Happy Podcast. Tune in every Friday for insightful conversations and empowering insights from Dani Max and Keely Antonio.

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