Meet Dani + Keely

Meet Dani and Keely, the dynamic duo behind Coming Out Happy. Not only are we a loving couple, but we're also passionate sustainable wellness speakers. Our journey has led us to empower thousands of individuals worldwide, helping them elevate their mindset, enhance their wellness, nurture meaningful relationships, and amplify their impact on the world.

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Entrepreneurs, Wellness Speakers + LGBTQ Couple

Dani, a two-time published author, and Keely, a skilled somatic attachment therapist and EFT practitioner, bring a wealth of experience to their mission. At Coming Out Happy, their shared purpose is to curate content, craft courses and develop products that guide leaders towards achieving their goals without burnout. They're here to inspire and support you on your journey towards a life you love, through wellness, healthy relationships, and the impact you make on the world around you.

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Create Healthy Relationships, Deepen Self-Love, Find Security Within. Join the 6 week on-demand course for LGBTQ+ adults using mind-body healing tools.

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