Here’s How To Live In Alignment With Your True Self

Here’s How To Live In Alignment With Your True Self

Welcome to the "Coming Out Happy" podcast, where Keely, a seasoned somatic therapist, and Dani, a two-time published author and life coach, share profound insights on achieving a balanced and joyful life. In this episode, they dive into the profound importance of core values and how aligning with them can fundamentally transform your life.

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The Foundation of Core Values

Dani and Keely emphasize the profound significance of identifying and understanding core values. These values serve as guiding principles that shape our decisions and actions, providing a moral compass for navigating life's myriad challenges. Importantly, Dani and Keely stress that core values are not static; they evolve and shift with personal growth and life experiences.

Journey into Core Values

The hosts share personal anecdotes, shedding light on their individual journeys of choosing and adapting core values. Keely recalls a pivotal shift from work-centric values to prioritizing self-care when faced with a bout of depression. This shift not only significantly improved her overall well-being but also triggered a profound journey of self-discovery and personal empowerment.

Practical Tips for Identifying Core Values

1. Journaling: A Transformative Practice

Keely suggests incorporating a daily journaling practice into your routine. Set aside the first 5-10 minutes each morning to reflect on prompts that guide you in understanding your core values. This intentional and introspective practice not only fosters self-awareness but also sets a positive and intentional tone for the day ahead.

2. Identify Three Key Values

Rather than overwhelming yourself with an extensive list, Dani encourages listeners to start by identifying three core values that deeply resonate with them. She suggests asking weekly questions such as, "How can I align with these values in my relationships, work, and personal life?" This deliberate and consistent reflection can foster a deeper understanding of one's values.

3. Embrace Change and Evolution

Recognize and embrace the dynamic nature of core values—they can evolve over time, influenced by experiences, personal growth, and evolving perspectives. Dani and Keely emphasize the importance of allowing oneself the flexibility to reassess and adapt core values as needed.

Conclusion: A Path to Profound Fulfillment

Living in alignment with core values is a transformative journey towards profound fulfillment. Dani and Keely extend an invitation to their listeners, urging them to embark on this exploration. They underscore that the intentional pursuit of a life aligned with one's values can lead to a more purposeful, meaningful, and joyful existence.

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With Love,

Dani + Keely
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