2024 Outs: Saying Goodbye to Uncomfortable Clothes, Unplanned Dates, and Diet Coke

2024 Outs: Saying Goodbye to Uncomfortable Clothes, Unplanned Dates, and Diet Coke

Welcome to the Coming Out Happy Podcast! Hosts Dani Max, a two-time published author and life coach, partners with Keely, a seasoned somatic therapist, as they navigate the balance between running two businesses—Coming Out Happy, exploring sustainable well-being, and FeelSwell Experiences, a leadership development company.

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In this special episode, Dani and Keely share their insights into the trends of 2024, exploring what's in and what's out in their lives.

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In with Comfort:

Dani kicks off the conversation by embracing the trend of wearing comfortable clothing in 2024. Shedding the discomfort of tight clothes, both hosts reflect on the generational shift in fashion choices, highlighting the importance of feeling at ease in what they wear.

Out with Uncomfortable Clothes:

Surprisingly, Keely counters this trend, sharing her perspective from a Gen Z viewpoint. She emphasizes the value of getting ready and how it positively impacts her mindset. The duo navigates the balance between comfort and self-perception, offering a unique insight into fashion choices across generations.

In with Boxing and Fitness Exploration:

Keely reveals her newfound love for boxing, describing it as a transformative experience that aids in breaking the cycle of overthinking. The discussion touches on the mental benefits of physical activities that provide a break from the daily grind.

Out with Diet Coke:

Dani shares a personal out for 2024—quitting diet coke. Acknowledging the impact on well-being, Dani expresses the gradual shift away from this habit, emphasizing the desire to feel better and make healthier choices.

Out with Binge Scrolling:

Keely discusses her decision to break free from binge-scrolling, signaling a conscious effort to detach from the constant digital stream. The hosts share their experiences with limiting screen time and its positive impact on their daily lives.

In with Homemade Coffee Rituals:

Dani introduces the joy of making espresso at home, highlighting the satisfaction derived from this new morning ritual. The hosts discuss the sense of accomplishment and the financial benefits of opting for homemade coffee.

Out with Putting Phones by the Bed:

Keely advocates for placing phones away from the bed, emphasizing the positive impact on sleep quality. The hosts share their journey towards creating a conducive sleep environment and the benefits it brings to their daily routines.

In with Grilling at Home:

Keely expresses the joy of cooking more meals at home and savoring the process. The hosts discuss the shift towards mindful eating and appreciating homemade meals, fostering a sense of connection to the food they consume.

Out with Hustle Culture:

Both hosts resonate with the decision to leave behind hustle culture. Acknowledging the drawbacks of constant hustle, they express a shared sentiment of prioritizing balance, well-being, and intentional living over the relentless pursuit of success.

More Relationship Planning:

Dani and Keely share the intention to plan more dates and engage in activities that strengthen their relationship. The discussion emphasizes the importance of quality time and shared experiences in fostering a deeper connection.

LNT (Late Night Talks) for Relationship Growth:

As they approach over 5 years in a relationship together, the hosts reveal their commitment to more late-night talks, fostering open communication and a deeper understanding of each other.

Traveling: A Temporary Out:

While expressing the current focus on work and community building, Dani and Keely discuss the temporary nature of the “out” for traveling. They share upcoming trips to visit family, acknowledging the importance of creating lasting memories.

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