Somatic Therapy for Better LGBTQ+ Relationships

Somatic Therapy for Better LGBTQ+ Relationships

When traditional talk therapy isn’t right for someone, or isn’t completely meeting their needs, it’s important for them to seek out other professional options to help them on their personal development journey. Holistic forms of healing are oftentimes the last options explored, but we’ve found that holistic healing, like somatic therapy, is majorly underrepresented.  

Somatic Healing is an alternative way of healing trauma and restoring a person’s connection with their body so they can release what they’ve held onto from the past. Because of this, Keely (founder of Coming Out Happy) became a Certified Somatic Healer after finding herself and her clients stuck in YEARS of traditional talk therapy. 

The aftermath of trauma lives in the subconscious mind, so using words (i.e talk therapy) alone is an incomplete approach for transformation. 

      Some of our clients have been going on and off for 20+ years to therapy and we constantly are told "an hour with you was more helpful than the last 10 years I've spent just "talking" about my patterns or situations." Wow.  

“Soma” is a Greek word for, “the living body known from within,”. This “knowing” signifies wholeness, which is why we'll be using the world "Holistic" a whole lot from now on. Somatic therapy is an approach towards mind-body integration. The overwhelming emotions and coping responses manifested by trauma take us away from feeling at home within ourselves, with others and the world.

Through somatic healing modalities, we show our clients how to become aware of the deeper sensations they feel in their body so they aren’t just aware (mentally) of their relationship patterns, people-pleasing tendencies or any other uncomfortable feelings…but they know what it feels like in their body. If you don’t become aware of the sensation, you’ll most likely distract yourself from these feelings and repeat the same patterns over and over again.

True healing and breaking unhealthy relationship patterns comes from making changes at the body level. A somatic therapy approach acknowledges the narrative of our attachment journey and guides a client into their inner wisdom of their body to help them flourish in their relationships and feel safe within. 

Your attachment to yourself, as well as the world and people around you, hugely affects your perspective, your confidence, and your ability to form stable, healthy relationships. 

We're Dani & Keely, your LGBTQ+ Life Coaches and Somatic Healers, help their clients heal from past traumas, heal their relationship with themselves, and create an actionable plan for the future so that they can end toxic patterns and create the life and relationships of their dreams! We use Somatic Therapy techniques to give you all of the tools you need to reconnect with your body & mind and finally break out of unhealthy patterns.

Other Modalities We Love

We guide our clients using multiple modalities of alternative & holistic healing to maximize their experience. Are you ready to experience a holistic approach to healing?

With love,

Dani & Keely

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