The #1 Sign That You Are Ready for Life Coaching

The #1 Sign That You Are Ready for Life Coaching

A common misconception in present-day society is that someone has to be at rock bottom to benefit from professional support. They may even think that they have to try every other option before they decide to work with a non-traditional approach like life coaching or holistic healing.

Some of our clients have tried years of talk therapy and even the messaging in our free content to supplement their healing — which are all valid options to guide you on your journey — but none compare to the healing and guidance that they receive from working directly with us as we incorporate a true mind-body connection in their healing journey!

The truth is, in our signature Coming Out Happy programs, we have a different perspective from the traditional therapy point of view, healing high-achieving Queer adults who appear on the outside like they have it “all together” through life coaching and somatic healing techniques, energy healing modalities and more.

The people that we work with are do-ers. They take the initiative to work toward their goals of breaking people-pleasing habits and tuning into their needs instead of everyone else’s.

However, the telltale sign that a driven, successful LGBTQ+ adult is ready to work with us is simple:

despite all of their work to heal through other traditional methods, they still feel stuck.

For someone who seems like they have it all together, being stuck can be such a frustrating feeling, especially if they feel like they’ve done everything they could to get out of this unhealthy relationship rut and heal from the past. They may be in a better place than they were, but they still aren’t where they want to be, and they feel like they have no idea how to get there.

The first step to freedom is asking for help from the right people: Dani & Keely! Through Coming Out Happy’s LGBTQ+ perspective, coaching programs, and somatic healing techniques, successful queer adults can finally have guides who understand them, their journey, and how to help them heal from the past while creating a realistic and actionable plan for their future.

Our approach is multidimensional, using tools and modalities to release trapped negative emotions and limiting beliefs holding you back from living freely. You will learn how to set boundaries and stand up for yourself so that you can live more confidently and create deeply fulfilling relationships.

We believe that traditional therapy methods can be beneficial, but talking about your experiences can only do so much. Dani & Keely can step in to help LGBTQ+ adults release the trauma that is stored in the body both mentally and physically, and help them process that trauma and reconnect with their body in a healthy way so that they may continue to break toxic patterns from the past and create the relationships they dream of.

Once our clients have let go of the past, we can help them build the future that they want to create for themselves, finally giving them the chance to look like they have it all together and actually feel that way, too. Are you ready to be one of them?


With Love,

Dani & Keely

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