Meet Dani & Keely, Your LGBTQ+ Life Coaches!

Meet Dani & Keely, Your LGBTQ+ Life Coaches!

Coming Out Happy is a personal development company, meaning we (Dani & Keely) help LGBTQ+ adults create the life & relationships of their dreams through life coaching techniques and our own personal experiences. If you’re new to the Coming Out Happy family, we’d love to introduce ourselves and explain what exactly it is that we do for LGBTQ+ adults.

After years of struggling with her identity, confidence and relationships, Dani was inspired to become a certified life coach in 2017. She also published her first book, Coming Out Happy, in 2017 to share her story of how you can live freely in your identity by connecting with your truest self.

Dani wanted to help people in the LGBTQ+ community know that they are not alone, and they have the power to create the life they want.

After doing that for a few years, she took a break to focus on herself again and moved to California, where she met her girlfriend, Keely, and took a job as a management assistant in 2019.

As Dani was working in her corporate job, she kept being pulled by the idea of wanting to help LGBTQ+ people again. Every day at work, she was secretly listening to podcasts from entrepreneurs who created a big impact on the world through their work. It fired her up to learn how she could bring back her passion of helping LGBTQ+ people see the potential in their life and relationships.

As she was learning, she stumbled across an entrepreneur talking about the, “membership model,” and how you can make an impact in a big way through running your business under this structure. She felt called to the bigger picture of getting back into coaching and continued to learn more and more about creating a membership- although she didn’t know exactly what it would look like.

The pandemic hit in March of 2020, and her corporate office told her to work from home.

She took her corporate computer with her and began working each day, personal & corporate computers side by side, figuring out how she wanted to create this business while still working her 9–5 job.

She was always coming up with new ways of promoting the idea of loving who you are through everything you do. As masks were starting to be a part of our everyday lives, she wanted to bring in her flair of being LGBTQ+ with what was going on in the world. She decided to find a manufacturer that would help her make rainbow masks.

This was also when Tik Tok started to get big, and in March of 2020, her girlfriend, Keely, started to promote these masks by wearing them on Tik Tok. They blew up!

Order after order, Dani had to package hundreds of masks and goodies thanks to the power of Tik Tok.

Dani had to go back to the office and could not fulfill all of the mask orders alone. This is when Keely started to step in and ship out the orders for Dani during her lunch breaks.

As the days went by and more masks were shipped out, Dani had an urge to quit her job so she could focus on creating the membership she had been learning about. She told Keely her plans, and she was very supportive. Keely had a stable income and wanted Dani to live out her dreams!

Dani put in her two weeks notice and officially left her full time job on April 9th, 2020.

She was very nervous because what she was about to create was still unclear, but she knew she had to figure it out. Keely knew she wanted to help Dani in any way that she could.

After meeting Dani for lunch on her last day of work, Keely could feel the nerves and stress radiating off of her. It felt like it was Dani’s last chance at creating a sustainable and impactful business that would forever change the way the LGBTQ+ community was supported.

Keely rushed home after lunch and had the idea to make a Tik Tok to redirect people to the new Instagram account Dani had created. She shared about what Dani was trying to accomplish and how it would help LGBTQ+ people. She then asked those who wanted to support to follow along on Instagram.

After Keely posted this TikTok, thousands of LGBT people fled to Instagram to show their support and got on the waitlist for the membership that was still in the process of being created.

Dani came home that day not knowing Keely had created a Tik Tok that was being seen by thousands of people, and very confused how it was all happening. When Keely told her, she knew she was on the right path.

When the membership idea we originally envisioned started coming together, we realized that a different path would be best for the company, and created a higher-level coaching program that dove in-depth into how LGBTQ+ adults could understand, accept and love who they are so they can create the life and relationships they’ve always wanted.

In February 2021, we launched our first group program, “Pride Amplified.”

Within days of opening, we had a few people join and start to experience the high-level transformation that we were so dedicated to providing. We knew this was exactly how we wanted to make our impact in the world. Keely went on to become a certified EFT practitioner, so that she could share her empathy and healing with our clients and incorporate EFT principles into our signature Pride Method framework, and we haven’t looked back since.

So many people have now completed the Pride Amplified 6 month program and have experienced major shifts in their lives. We’ve seen people figure out what their identity means to them, feel confident enough to start a new business/job, create relationships they always dreamed of having, use their voice to stand up for what they believe in, and even pick up and move to venture into a new chapter.

We are so passionate about what we do in Pride Amplified, and can’t wait to continue to expand even further as we continue to hire a team, write books, hold speaking events and host retreats all around the world!

Are you ready to be one of the lives we’ve changed?


With Love,

Dani & Keely

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