Living Freely Goes Beyond Coming Out

Living Freely Goes Beyond Coming Out

We know you're ready to be your most confident self, but did you know being confident goes beyond expressing your LGBTQ+ identity?

Many people who come to us have been "out" for YEARS but question their every move when it comes to dating, or how to stop overthinking in situations with other people.

Wouldn't it be a breath of fresh air to go out on dates and not be worried if things don't work out and if you're saying or doing the "right thing"?

Wouldn't it be a weight lifted off your shoulders to walk into any room with your chin held high, knowing your worth?

Living freely goes beyond coming out...because being confident within sheds through every area of your life...but especially in your personal relationships.

Listen, being authentic is hard, scary and nerve-wracking.

Showing your true colors no matter who's watching is the most vulnerable thing you can do. 

We've also been there where we've hid what we've really wanted to say...we held on a little longer in relationships that we knew weren't aligned.

We wanted love. We wanted to be accepted. But, we didn't know how to be confident in ourselves if we got rejected or things didn't work out. And let me tell came with a price.

I can't tell you how many years I (Dani) told myself to hold onto relationships because "who knows if anyone else would give me a chance". The truth is...I didn't want to start over. I didn't want to leave an unhealthy relationship knowing that it took all of my hobbies, friends and individuality away from me.

I didn't want to be faced with the fact that I completely lost myself in every relationship I entered because I didn't want to know who the real me was.

Being alone, doing the deep inner work was the one thing that changed my life forever. So, we're here to help you, too, freely is a really cool thing. 

If this sounds like you right now...we have a few tips to help you live more freely starting today.

Take a look at your personal relationships

Who you surround yourself with is a huge indicator of life. Are these people helping or hurting you? Are these people who you want in your life or do you feel like you just keep them around because of some kind of fear? Can you be your truest self with these people?

Analyze how you've been putting yourself out there in dating

Being authentic means showing your true colors. Have you been acting like the people you're trying to impress so they'll give you a shot? Are you overthinking your every move in fear they won't be into you? Are you overall just not confident in this dating process?

How do you feel about yourself?

Get a list going of the top 3 things you say to yourself daily. Are they negative or positive? Would you say this to a friend? How do you really feel about yourself?

All three of these tips combined help you understand who you've been and how you live your life in this moment.

You deserve to love who you are, feel confident in yourself and create relationships worth having.

With Love,

Dani & Keely

P.S. Whenever you're ready, here's how we can support you....

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