Do You Invest in Yourself?

Do You Invest in Yourself?

An investment requires two things:

  1. Dedicating an asset (money, time, etc.) in the hopes of getting a return on investment
  2. Risk

Every day, you find things that are worth investing in. You invest your money into formal education or a business. You invest time into a potential partner or friend. You invest in a home to ensure that you and your family have a clean, safe place to live.

But how often do you invest in yourself?

It’s risky to invest in anything because there is no guarantee that you will see a return on your investment. There are ways to make educated guesses about what kind of return you will receive, but there is no way to ever be 100% sure. Most of the time, the risk is completely out of your control, but the potential reward is oh-so worth it.

What if I told you that there is an investment that you have full control over? What if there was an investment that solely rests on your dedication to the outcome and willingness to put in the work to make it happen? Well, there is!

It’s Time to Invest in You

Investing in yourself is not without risk, but when you have full control over the outcome, it’s a lot less scary. Some ways that we invest in ourselves include college or trade classes, travel, and exercising. Each of these investments are contingent upon our ability to complete the things that we’ve set out to do, but if you do the work, you reap the benefits.

When someone decides to work with us, we jump head first into making an actionable plan for them to change their lives and become the best possible version of themselves, but it’s up to them to make it happen.

Here’s how to guarantee a return on your Life Coaching investment:

make the decision to choose yourself every single day, and do whatever it takes to reach your personal development goals.

We don’t have forever to keep putting off the lives we REALLY want to be living. You deserve to experience all of the happiness that comes with this!

While you can certainly work on yourself on your own, there’s a reason that what you’ve been doing led you right here, needing more support, tools and accountability to make a change.


How will your life change if you choose to invest in your future?

I know that fear can get in the way, and we will use every excuse we can to avoid jumping in. Commitment is scary, but what’s scarier is watching time fly by and nothing changes.

If you aren’t willing to take a leap of faith and trust that you invested wisely, you’ll never see the results that you want.

If you're ready to invest in the future you've always dreamed of? Click here.

With Love,

Dani & Keely

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