Coming Out Happy - Our Story

Coming Out Happy - Our Story

Where we are today did not just magically happen overnight. It took commitment, time, and a few huge l investments in ourselves to get to where we are today!

Before we started feeling confidently aligned with who we were, we were mindlessly going about our day, distracting ourselves at work, and didn't put in the effort in our relationships. It felt empty and like time was just flying by but there was nothing great about it.

It hit us that there HAD to be more but we weren't sure what it was. We knew that whatever it was, we had to find it and we had to change SOMETHING. So... we started investing in ourselves BIG TIME.

We started consuming as many podcasts, books, and free blog posts as we could to figure out what makes us feel ALIVE. We thought we had to do it alone, and the most beautiful thing we learned is how much support can change everything. We both hired coaches and THAT'S when the magic started to happen. Not because they were the perfect coach, but because we were fully committed to ourselves in a big way and needed support and accountability.

Now, you may be in a place where you're feeling like there's more for you- more happiness, freedom, love, excitement, etc. All it takes is your commitment to yourself to get you to where you want to go. A coach is there to hold space for your dreams and help you get there.

Maybe you have been someone who has been watching for a while but hasn't been ready to reach out for support. This is your sign that if you are feeling you NEED to do this for yourself, JUMP!

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Love your coaches,
Dani & Keely

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