3 Ways to Be More Confident

3 Ways to Be More Confident

According to Psychology experts, 85% of adults have low self esteem. For those in the LGBTQ+ community, feelings of low self worth skyrocket when their friends and family aren’t accepting of their identity or during times of political unrest.

In a world where everyone seems to feel like they don’t matter, how can you become a more confident person? It all starts with you.

Leave your comfort zone.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” — Albert Einstein

Staying in your comfort zone only keeps things exactly as they are. If you’re not happy with things as they are, why wouldn’t you change it up?

When you’re too focused on maintaining the status quo, you’ll never feel confident in situations outside of your day-to-day life or be open to creating the changes you need to become the best version of yourself possible.

Start with smaller things like wearing an outfit you love but have been too afraid to wear out or making plans with a friend at a cool new spot. Work your way up to actively putting yourself in uncomfortable situations that you know will get you closer to your life goals.

When it gets scary, remind yourself that your life is yours, and if you don’t live it how you want to, you’ll never feel truly fulfilled.

Be more honest

This one starts internally, and then moves externally.

To see the truth, you have to be honest with yourself first. Only then can you be honest with other people.

Reconnect with your wants and needs. Look inward at who you are now and who you want to be. Think realistically about how you can make that happen. When you’ve told yourself the truth, you can communicate your truth to others.

Honesty will help you set firm boundaries with the people around you by communicating what you actually need rather than what you think other people want to hear. It may not always be taken well, but, chances are, any negative reactions will come from people who don’t respect your boundaries and how you really feel.

People who care about you for who you are will value your integrity, and do their best to understand you and support you in your pursuit of fulfillment.

Be your own best friend

Creating a more confident self is so much easier when your self worth comes from within. Take the time to embrace self care and be gentle with yourself on this journey!

We recommend meditation, journaling, and spending time alone doing things that you love to do to embrace the beautiful person that you are.

Treat yourself with kindness, allowing yourself to make mistakes and encouraging yourself to keep pushing forward. Restructure your inner monologue, prioritizing positive, encouraging language and grace when you fall short of your goals.

Never settle for less than you deserve. When you know your worth and trust that you are fully and wholly you without the need for anyone else, you’re able to put your own needs first and create a life that is unmistakably yours.

You deserve to walk through life confidently, knowing that you are on the right path to the life that you want for yourself. Navigating confidence in yourself & creating healthy queer relationships is a journey no matter if you’re just coming out or have been out for years.

We help LGBTQ+ adults all over the world become their most authentic selves & create a life they love. Click here to learn how.

With Love,

Dani & Keely

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